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The Ultimate Guide to Van Interior Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Van Interior Ideas
April 28, 2017 Truck Colors Blog

Everyone likes to add a personal touch to their vehicle, whether with a funny license plate or a sticker of the football team they support. When it comes to your work van, you want it to not only represent your brand but also help you do your job efficiently.

The interior of your van, although not always visible to your customers, can greatly impact your performance. You might think your van interior isn’t a big deal and doesn’t require much planning and strategy. However, taking some time to carefully think this through can save your business both time and money.

With that in mind, here’s what to keep in mind when designing your van’s interior.

Plan Everything in Advance

Think about what you are carrying, how much it weighs, how often you are using it, and what type of protection it requires before you start brainstorming ideas for your van’s interior design. You’d be surprised how many people jump straight into designing, ignoring crucial aspects, such as installing gutters or lighting fixtures.

Reinforce the Van Floor

If your work requires hauling heavy cargo constantly, then you’d want to pay close attention to the van floor. Since it bears the pressure of all of the weight loaded and it’s not completely flat, a great idea would be to install a floor made of reinforced wood or aluminum. That way, you’re not only protecting the van floor but also creating a solid foundation for installing shelves, racks, and boxes.

Protect the Walls

Most van manufacturers build their vehicles with little protection for the internal body, making it extremely easy to damage the interior. Holes, scratches, and dents can lead to rust, affecting both your van’s performance and aesthetics. Wall panels are easy to install and will provide the protection your van’s interior needs.   

Choose the Right Material

Although plywood liners and racks are a great, low-cost solution for most small businesses, they have their limitations when it comes to carrying heavy cargo. For starters, wood absorbs fluids, such as oils, paints or solvents if it’s not treated properly. More than that, it can splinter easily, making it dangerous.

An excellent alternative in this case would be to opt for galvanized steel or even plastic since it’s lightweight, durable, and can easily be transferred between vehicles.

Pay Attention to Lightning

A lot of people pay careful attention to the racks and shelves they install but completely forget about the lighting. Here’s the thing: adequate cargo lighting plays a crucial role in finding and getting the tools you need. Add light fixtures that will amplify the minimal illumination system that comes on most commercial vans.

The interior of your van plays an essential role in how well and efficiently you can do your job. Hopefully, these ideas will help you keep your van’s interior smart, safe, and productive.

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