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What Are Your Options When Choosing a Service Truck Body?

What Are Your Options When Choosing a Service Truck Body?
May 5, 2018 TheHoth
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The Job Outlook for construction laborers for 2016-2026 is 12%, which is faster than average.

With so many people looking towards the construction industry for a career, it is important for a company to be ready for an increase in labor. This often means carrying the right materials. And what’s more important than your truck body, whether it be a service body or crane body.

To find out which truck body is right for your business, read on!

Contractor Bodies

A contractor body is made with the contractor in mind. This kind of body is made for heavy lifting and transporting of materials.

The design of this body is to ensure that the contractor is able to easily access all the materials being transported.

Crane Bodies

A truck with a crane body is made with a standalone crane compartment attached to the body. These bodies are usually made to do the heavy lifting. They can be used in industries like mining, agriculture, and construction.

Just like there are different bodies for trucks, there are different kinds of cranes. The most common one is called a mobile crane. The one you will see mostly attached to a truck body is a truck mounted crane.

Service Body

A service body is meant to handle all different types of working conditions. They range from 1-ton bodies to 2-ton bodies. Depending on the company they are being manufactured by, they can come with a crane or without.

A service body can also be more customizable. This way you can alter it to fit the needs of your business. These bodies can be made out of steel, aluminum, or even fiberglass.

Enclosed Service Bodies

These truck bodies are great for transporting important materials. They offer a closed compartment for you to put materials in. These compartments often vary depending on how long you are transporting the material for.

Since the compartment is tall it provides extra space that other truck bodies may not offer. The only downside is that all the materials need to fit into the compartment in order to be moved.

These enclosed service bodies are also equipped with necessary security features. Such as a place for it to be locked shut or even keypads secured with a code.

Propane Bodies

These bodies are used to transport propane and can usually store around 500 gallons of material. It is also equipped with a small crane to help in the moving of tanks from the actual body.

They also come with extra storage for you to put other materials inside while you are transporting the propane.

Dump Bodies

These truck bodies are for dumping materials off of the trucks. The bed of the truck is usually made out of very durable material, as the material often being transported can be highly corrosive.

These bodies can be used in industries such as mining or construction. They also have a lever that is used to help dump the materials most of these are operated automatically.

Customize Your Truck!

Getting the necessary body for your truck is a must. How are you supposed to do business without being able to transport the materials that you need?

But these days getting business isn’t just about the materials. You have to look the part too. Our team can help you from start to finish, from helping you choose the right body as well as how to  help you stand out.