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4 Awesome Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Ideas

4 Awesome Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Ideas
July 12, 2019 TheHoth
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Is your company vehicle feeling a bit dull?  Are you lacking branding or looking to stand out from the crowd? Maybe you just haven’t customized your work vehicles yet. If so, it’s the perfect time to do a custom vinyl wrap on your vehicle. We’ll explore a few great options to customize your vehicle. From branding, to company colors to different ways to wrap your vehicle, you’ll be sure to find the best option for you and your company.


Use Branding on Your Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Often times companies have paid for a logo or branded images for their company. This logo or image is meant to represent your business and can become so familiar that anyone who sees it can recognize what company it belongs to. This is called brand recognition. At Pacific Truck Colors we can take that logo and put it right on your vehicle. This can increase your brand recognition and help your company become well known in its community. If you haven’t yet acquired or created a company logo, now is the time to do so. If you aren’t sure where to start, look for graphic designers in your area. They can work with you to create something that represents your vision for your company.


Custom Color Vinyl Wraps

Perhaps you’re looking for a more subtle wrap on your vehicle. When creating your branding, typically there are some colors that become associated with your brand. Instead of putting your logo on the vehicle you can have it wrapped in your company’s color or colors. Some company’s even have a color designed for them. Companies like Servpro who have a custom green color on their vehicle which is meant to be more visible in the dark and makes it easier to spot in general. Customizations will make your company vehicle stand out and get you the attention your company needs!


Vinyl Wraps to Represent Your Business

Maybe you have yet to have a logo created or you just prefer not to use it, and the same could go for your company colors. In this case an alternative option would be to create an image that represents the service you perform. This could be an actual photo of an employee on the job, or images that represent what your company does. This makes it easy for passerbyers to connect what your company does with your company name.


Keeping your Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Simple

Making more basic design choices can at times be the most eye catching. At Pacific Truck Colors  we can wrap your vehicle with just your company name and contact information. With the right placement this can make you stand out from other flashier branding and make your company feel down to earth. Keeping it simple can sometimes be the best design there is.

No matter what you decide, Pacific Truck Colors can make your company’s vehicles just as you imagine them. From adding your custom branding or logo, company colors, images of your services to just some simple contact information, once you have your vehicle vinyl wrap you’ll be ready to get on the road and do your business. Build recognition in your community, make it simple to recognize your brand, and add some accessible contact information and you’ll be set. The first step is to just give us a call!