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5 Ways Vehicle Wraps Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Vehicle Wraps Can Benefit Your Business
March 7, 2018 TheHoth
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As most business owners will tell you, it’s not easy to come up with a successful advertising method. Here’s one you might not have considered before: vehicle wraps.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a vehicle wrap is a decal or graphic that you can apply on the surface of a car. These decals are also easily removed, which allows you to switch advertisements on the fly.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, wrap advertising is fairly affordable. There’s no need to pay high rates to ad agencies or deal with reoccurring costs — all you really need is a vehicle!

Here are some examples of how vehicle wraps can increase your brand awareness.

1. Creating a Buzz

By its very nature, wrap marketing depends on many different factors. How many vehicles are you using? How often (and how far) are you driving?

The good news is that it doesn’t take a whole lot for a vehicle graphic to start paying for itself. According to this study, an average vehicle wrap will give you over 15,000 impressions in a single day.

2. Influencing Potential Customers

Speaking of impressions, it’s worth noting that most vehicle wraps are pretty easy on the eye. They’re typically not aggressive, and they don’t overwhelm potential customers. At the same time, your audience can easily spot any details you choose to include.

This is the polar opposite of many other forms of advertising. For example, most TV and print ads aim to interrupt your attention. As time goes on, this approach is less and less likely to create a positive impact.

3. Alerting the Local Market

Developing an advertising strategy aimed at the local market? Vehicle wrapping may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Unless you’re going on a cross-country trip, you’ll probably be driving your car around town. While you’re visiting your clients and/or running errands, your vehicle wrap will be alerting the people most likely to hire you.

4. Being Budget Friendly

As we’ve already established, investing in ads and billboards can get expensive in the long run. By comparison, designing a vehicle decal comes with a single upfront cost.

Once you’ve made the initial investment, you’ll be able to use the same vehicle wrap for as long as you like. In most cases, you’ll be getting years of exposure for one set price.

5. Protecting Your Vehicle

Unlike the other examples on this list, this benefit has nothing to do with advertising. Still, it’s important to note that a vinyl decal will protect your vehicle’s finish from small dents and scratches.

As you can imagine, keeping your vehicle in good condition can go a long way towards preserving its value. This can also free up more funds for your marketing efforts. No matter how you look at it, a vehicle wrap will help your business succeed.

How to Design Vehicle Wraps

Need some help with designing a vehicle wrap that will suit your business? We may be able to help you out! In the best-case scenario, we’ll have the graphics ready for installation before the vehicle even arrives.

Sounds intriguing? You can contact us right here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.