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Snow Plows for Trucks: Start to Finish

Snow Plows for Trucks: Start to Finish
February 13, 2020 TheHoth
snow plow for trucks

Snow Plows for Trucks: Start to Finish

Winter weather in the United States is becoming more and more severe each year. Is your truck or fleet of trucks prepared to handle the snow? Purchasing a snow plow for your truck(s) can diversify your business, minimize weather-related work disruptions, and/or help out your community when a storm hits. This article will provide an overview of your snow plow options to help you make an informed purchase.


Snow Plows for Trucks

As mentioned above, adding a snow plow to your truck can be a great business investment and open up a whole new income stream. With advancements in technology, new app-based services such as Plowz and Mowz and Plowguys are making it easier than ever to find snow plowing jobs in your area. However, careful snow plow installation and selection are crucial in order to capitalize on this business opportunity, so we recommend consulting with a truck customization company.


Types of Plows

Snow plows are predominantly characterized by their type and shape of blade. There are a few popular types of plows to choose from:

  • Straight Snow Plows: Straight-blade snow plows are used for small-scale plowing in minimal snow. These are typically easier to operate and more affordable.
  • V-Plows: V-plows are used for making initial breaks in larger amounts of densely-packed or high-piled snow. These plows are more versatile and suitable for a wide range of plowing jobs.
  • Box Plows: Box plows are used for commercial or industrial purposes when more complete snow removal is required.
  • Rear-Mounted Plows: These are usually a second, additional plow that works in conjunction with the front-mounted plow to improve efficiency. Some contractors claim a 20-30% time efficiency increase, though they are more difficult to operate and add weight to your truck.

There are also many options for snow plow customization, as well as accessories to choose from. For more information on snow plows and customization ideas, check out our article “Customizing Your Snow Plow Truck for Success” or contact our team.


Using the Snow Plow

After selecting and purchasing a snow plow, you’ll have to install the mount and any control-related hardware. It’s important to note that some plows and hardware are more permanent than others. The operation of your snow plow will depend on what type of plow you choose, and what type of control hardware you choose and whether it is manual or automatic. On the more upscale end, you’ll be able to easily control the snow plow from the comfort of your truck cab with a touch screen or joystick. Keep in mind, if you select a hydraulic or electrical plow, the installation process will be more complex, so be sure to consult with a professional before attempting it on your own.


Get an Estimate Today

If you are looking to learn more about, purchase, customize or install a snow plow setup for your truck, our Custom Truck team at Pacific Truck Colors is here to help you through each and every step of the process. To get started, contact us to request a free snow plow quote today!