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Customizing Your Snow Plow Truck for Success

Customizing Your Snow Plow Truck for Success
October 25, 2019 TheHoth
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Customizing Your Snow Plow Truck for Success

Winter is coming! The weather forecast for the upcoming season is looking busy for the snow plowing business, with a “snow-verload” predicted across much of the United States. Now is the time to get your pickup or utility truck outfitted with a custom snow plow to take advantage of this opportunity for extra business.


Customizing Your Snow Plow Truck

It is likely that snow removal will not be the sole function or purpose of your pickup or utility truck, so customization is key. In fact, over 90% of businesses offering snow removal reported also working in other areas, such as tree removal, landscaping, excavation, or irrigation. By customizing your truck with a snow plow and other features, your truck will be more versatile and prepared to handle a wide-variety of jobs in every season, keeping you busy throughout the year.


Snow Plow Parts and Service

Snow plows come in many shapes and sizes, and are made up of many different parts, so it’s important you do your research to ensure you invest in what is best for you and your business. First and foremost, you’ll want to decide how you’ll be using your snow plow: will you be running a commercial snow plow business, clearing snow away from your construction site, or just hooking up a plow to your pickup truck to clear your cul de sac? Not all plows are created equal; If you want to get into the snow plowing business, make sure you invest in a commercial-grade plow rather than a contractor-grade or home use plow.

The most prominent aspect of any snow plow is the blade. Blades are typically either straight across or v-shaped. Angled plows are typically more expensive, but tend to have better performance. Many commercial-grade plows are automatically adjustable for greater versatility. The best snow plow blade for you will also depend on the size and type of truck you are outfitting. Plows typically range from 6 to 10 feet in width, but the wider and heavier the plow, the bigger and more powerful your truck will need to be.

Typically, the plow is then attached to the truck with brackets or a hitch receiver. Nowadays, many snow plows manufacturers offer quick mount-and-release systems so that you can transform your truck for the winter season more quickly and easily. For added convenience, there are now snow plow controllers that can be used from inside your truck. These controllers come in either joystick or handheld style.

Some snow plow trucks also incorporate salt spreaders for multi-tasking. These can take shape as tailgate spreaders, insert spreaders, dump truck spreaders, or anti-icer liquid applicators.


Finding Local Snow Plow Dealers

If you’re based in the Pacific Northwest and are on the lookout for a snow plow dealer, Pacific Truck Colors offers only the highest-quality plows and parts for your truck. Our Custom Truck Equipment Sales and Installation Department will help you select the right equipment for your vehicle, customize the truck set-up to meet all your business needs, and ensure everything is installed properly and ready to go.

Win this Winter with Pacific Truck Colors!

Of course, there are many, many more details and accessories to consider when customizing your snow plow, so be sure to talk with an expert and thoroughly explore your options. Start by contacting our experienced team to request a free quote!