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Service Truck Accessories to Get the Most From Your Truck

Service Truck Accessories to Get the Most From Your Truck
May 6, 2022 TheHoth
service truck accessories

An Introduction to Service Truck Accessories

There are thousands, if not millions, of add-ons and accessories available for service truck customization. Different accessories can help your business in different ways – from increasing the versatility of your business to maximizing your productivity, protecting your valuable tools and equipment, to keeping your employees safe and comfortable while on the job. The article below will help introduce you to the many options available.

Keep in mind: whatever accessories you’re looking for, Pacific Truck Colors is here to help with all your truck customization and the truck accessories Portland needs! We carry all the accessories mentioned here and can help you design the optimal setup for your specific needs. 

Key Considerations for Service Truck Accessories

Some key things to consider when selecting accessories or designing a custom service truck:

Security: Are you able to store your valuable tools and equipment to keep them protected from the elements and prevent theft?
Convenience: Is your workstation set up for maximum convenience? Are all the tools and equipment you need organized and within reach?
Safety: Are you or your employees as safe as possible while on the job? How can you reduce workplace hazards?
Quality: Are the accessories and materials you select for your service truck of the highest quality and durability?

service truck accessories

Best Service Truck Accessories

Below are three of the most popular and useful accessories for service trucks:

  1. Storage Boxes: Toolboxes and storage sets are essential for any service truck in order to safely and securely store, protect and organize all the tools and equipment you need. They can help protect your tools from the elements, prevent theft, improve your work efficiency and keep your workstation clear and free of hazards. There is a wide range of tool storage solutions available, and they are completely customizable to your business’ needs.
  2. Engine-Powered Service Truck Accessories: Engine-powered accessories such as auxiliary power units can help reduce the need to run the engine of a truck. This not only reduces emissions but saves fuel too. There are also units that have their own generator, hydraulics, and air compressors. They have a great power supply and even come with built-in inverters that can offer very smooth power without big jumps in force and irregularity.
  3. Lift Gates: A liftgate is a fold-away metal platform that mounts to the back of a truck and acts as a platform to lift freight or heavy equipment from the ground level up to the height of the bed of the trailer. If you also require dumping capabilities, some lift gates come with both a dump-through tailgate and a liftgate in one package.

mechanic service truck accessories

More Popular Service Truck Accessories:

  • Electric, telescopic, and articulating service truck cranes
  • LED lighting – interior and exterior
  • Ladder racks
  • Snowplow
  • Pry bar/hammer holders
  • Chain racks
  • Heater systems
  • Laptop stands
  • Air compressors and welders
  • Hose and reel systems
  • Fuel tanks and filling stations
  • Lubrication systems and skids
  • Sliding work trays
  • Spare tire racks
  • Tarps with rewind systems (great for dump trucks)
  • Rear backup cameras
  • Heating
  • Moisture packs
  • Home comforts (think mini-fridge or microwave)
  • Graphics or vehicle wraps (providing you with the potential to advertise your business and reach up to 95% of Americans, according to the OAAA)
  • And many, many more!

As you can see, there are nearly endless accessory options available for service trucks. In order to prioritize and get the most out of your service truck setup, consult with a service truck customization expert – a professional can help tailor all the accessories and equipment to meet the specific needs of your business.

work truck accessories

Our Top Service Truck Tool Box Options

Sufficient, proper tool storage is extremely important for nearly every type of work truck and industry. Secure storage will protect your tools from the elements to keep them in proper working order, reduce the risk of theft to protect your investment, and help keep you organized to maximize efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, tool storage is essential for safety reasons. You don’t want loose tools and equipment lying around while you’re working or driving to and from worksites! 

There are many different ways to store your tools and equipment. Here are some of the most popular toolbox options: 

  • Storage boxes 
  • Drawer units 
  • Tool cabinets 
  • Floor drawers 
  • Underbody boxes 
  • Topside boxes
  • Contractor boxes 
  • Back pack boxes 
  • Storage carts 
  • And boxes for specific tools – such as drill bit storage boxes, long part storage boxes, etc. 

Toolboxes are typically made of either aluminum, steel, or plastic. Obviously, aluminum and steel are more heavy-duty, durable, and secure than plastic, so they are usually a better option for service trucks that carry valuable tools and equipment. Aluminum is more lightweight than steel, so is a good choice if you’re worried about the weight of your service truck. That being said, it’s generally more expensive than steel. It’s probably best to strike a balance and choose different types of toolboxes for different types of equipment. 

Some of the top manufacturing brands for tool storage boxes include Adrian Steel, ProTech, Wickum Weld, and Highway Products. If you’re interested in cabinets or drawer units, CTech Manufacturing is a great option. We partner with all these brands in order to offer a wide range of high-quality storage box options to choose from. 

mechanic service truck accessories

Mechanic Service Truck Accessories to Consider

We can customize service trucks to meet the needs of any industry, but mechanic service trucks are one of the most common types of trucks we work on.

One of the most popular truck upfits for mechanic service trucks is a mobile crane to handle the heavy lifting. There are three main types of cranes to choose from electric, hydraulic (telescopic boom), and articulating (knuckle boom). Electric cranes are lighter-duty, hydraulic cranes are medium-duty, and articulating cranes are heavy-duty for maximum lifting capacity. Hydraulic cranes tend to meet the needs of most mechanics, though it really depends on the specifics of your business. 

Although cranes are great in terms of payload, they are no small investment. To get the most out of your crane, consider adding on the following crane accessories: rotators, pallet forks, brick stack grapples, universal forks, clamshell buckets, container discharge units, earth drills/augers, hydraulic hooks, and barrier lifters. If you’re thinking about getting a crane installed on your service truck, read our service truck crane guide first. 

Beyond cranes, there are many other accessories we often add to mechanic service trucks. These include: 

  • Weather-tight, secure storage compartments 
  • Fuel trailers
  • Mobile or permanent lube skids
  • Utility construction trailers
  • Air compressors 
  • And more 

No matter your industry– whether you’re a plumber, contractor, landscaper, snow plower, pest-control business, etc.—we have endless ideas to help you maximize your productivity and efficiency! 

Mistakes to Avoid with Work Truck Accessories

Remember, one size doesn’t fit all! Every industry has unique needs and may require different accessories. You don’t want to waste your money on truck accessories you won’t actually use. Instead, prioritize and optimize your upfits to get the most bang for your buck. This is why our custom truck upfits are so popular.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the overall weight of your vehicle. Too many heavy accessories could reduce your fuel efficiency and hauling capabilities, not to mention present safety hazards. In order to safely operate your work truck, it’s generally recommended that you not exceed 85% of the gross vehicle safe rating (GVWR). 

Another common mistake when it comes to truck customization is focusing purely on practical, work-related accessories. Sure, those are probably the most important to prioritize, but you should also think about the comfort and safety of your employees, as well as your truck’s overall appearance. Some of the top accessories for safety include secure storage, lighting, fire extinguishers, and a bulkhead partition to keep the driver and passengers safe. When it comes to your truck’s appearance, consider investing in a fresh paint job and some vehicle graphics to promote your business while you’re on the road and on the job. This will help you put your best foot forward and appear as professional as possible. 

Overall, the best way to avoid these kinds of mistakes is to invest in professional advice and installation instead of designing and attempting these upfits on your own. Whenever possible, stick to one vendor/installer for maximum consistency and efficiency – plus, buying from the same vendor can save you money! 

Take Your Truck to the Next Level

Do you need help selecting the best possible accessories for your specific industry and business needs? Our Custom Truck Equipment Sales and Installation Department, one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest, is here to help! We carry only the highest quality truck equipment at competitive prices and will apply our combined experience of over 75 years to ensure that your service truck setup is top-notch. Request a free service truck customization quote today to get started!