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Semi Truck Collision Repair: What to Look For

Semi Truck Collision Repair: What to Look For
July 28, 2015 Alex
Semi truck collision repair

It goes without saying that collisions and accidents are a stressful time for any business. Often a business owner is worried about far more than the cost of the vehicle that was damaged. The emotional toll a collision can take on a company and its leadership leaves little room for drama when it comes to getting the vehicle itself fixed and back on the road.

In our experience, collision repair can go awry in several ways. First, the inspection isn’t thoroughly done by those doing the repairs. Whether it’s to save time and money on the front end, or simply just inexperience in knowing what to look for, this initial estimate is crucial to a successful repair job.

Getting a poor estimate leads to a second problem: an eye-popping bill and/or extended delays in repairing the damaged vehicle. Either one of these is not something anyone wants to manage, especially after a collision. This process needs to be straightforward, done right, and as painless as possible, yet many service companies sadly do not understand this.

We have been doing this for a long time, and combine our experience with doing a thorough tear down and inspection prior to giving an estimate. Through this process, we are able to bid properly and deliver on time. If something is going to cost serious money to fix, we believe you should know ahead of time rather than dishonestly underestimating in order to get the job.

Semi Truck Collision Repair 101

For most truck owners and freight drivers, the worst case scenario involves an accident with their truck or semi. For these individuals, their freight truck is more than simple transportation; it is their literal livelihood to which they are behind the wheel. When something as significant as a collision occurs, the decision as to where you will have your truck repaired should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are some simple steps one can follow to ensure that the collision repair facility they choose is reputable, professional, and will provide quality service.

One of the best things anyone can do before committing to a collision repair company is to take a look at their facilities. One should be on the look out for a well-organized facility, with vehicles in equal value to yours. A well-organized, clean building layout should give you a clear presentation of the company’s professional attitude as well as their business approach. Similarly, by making sure they are repairing trucks akin to your own, to are ensuring that they have the expertise to repair your vehicle and get you back on the road.

One should also note the technology and equipment utilized by the company. You should be looking for relatively modern equipment to ensure that the collision repair company is up-to-date with industry technology. You should also ask or take note of whether or not the facility as on-the-site painting and graphics capability. Being able to paint your truck and/or restore graphics after collision repair services on the facility should save you money and the headache of finding additional service providers.

Additionally, consider whether or not a truck collision repair company has an extensive vehicle pool or rental truck backlog so that you can continue working as they repair your truck. For many self-employed service technicians, taking a few days off is not an option and, consequently, the option to choose from an extensive vehicle pool collection is a must.

One of the first things most owners look at in terms of choosing a collision repair specialist is the overall price of the repair work. While price is, indeed, an important factor to consider it shouldn’t be the end-all. Keep in mind that with large trucks and freight trucks, the greatest worry is not so much the visible damage but the potential hidden damage that could reappear miles down the road. It’s best to ensure that your vehicle undergoes an extensive diagnostics exam to make sure everything will be fixed properly.

While there’s little fun or comfort in having to choose a reputable collision repair specialist for your truck or freight, the following steps should hopefully guide you and make the decision easier. The most important thing to keep in mind is that many rely on their truck for their profession and that you need to ensure a professional collision repair job.