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PTC Guide: When to Replace Your Semi Truck Tires

PTC Guide: When to Replace Your Semi Truck Tires
June 7, 2017 TheHoth
Semi Truck Tires

Maintaining your semi truck tires is an essential part of not only keeping your trucks in tip-top shape but keeping them safe as well.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that tires that are underinflated and worn are more likely to be involved in accidents.

When on the road, there are many factors that can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Make sure that tire quality isn’t one of them.

It can take a little bit of know how to actually detect when those tires need replacing. Read on below to learn when to replace your semi truck tires.

Tread Depth

Tires don’t have a set expiration date, and a number of factors play into whether or not a tire needs to be replaced.

Tread offers protection from the elements like rain and snow. A good amount of tread will drive over those factors no problem, less will definitely affect your performance.

The NHTSA recommends replacing tires once tread depth is down to 2/32.

A quick way to test this is with a penny.

The penny test will have you place the penny with Lincoln’s face down into the tire. If you can’t see Lincoln’s full face it’s time to replace those tires.

Uneven Wear

Other factors that can age a tire include weather conditions, driving habits, improper tire pressure, road conditions, and others. All of these can affect the wear on your tires.

Wear is natural and will occur with use. A general rule of thumb is to inspect tires at least once a month. Some manufacturers recommend replacement between years five and ten.

Uneven wear can be caused by improper tire alignment.

Sometimes this type of wear can be spotted with the naked eye. Be sure to check inner tire wear as well as outer.


If while driving you feel any bizarre vibrations or an especially rough ride this might be an indicator that you need to replace your semi truck tires.

Make sure to immediately inspect the tires if any of this takes place on the road.

Driving on damaged tires can be very dangerous and cause other problems like blowouts.

Other Indicators

Cracking in the sidewall of tires is a normal occurrence but can be a sign that it’s that tire’s time to go.

These cracks are usually caused by exposure to the elements, excessive heat as well as sunlight.

Tires usually contain anti-aging chemicals to help combat cracking and are sometimes covered under warranty for this condition.

The rubber in tires can also dry rot while still having tread. This process leaves the tires less flexible and can even see the tread separate.

It is a good idea to replace tire right away if dry rot is seen.

Finding Semi Truck Tires

Keeping your semi truck tires healthy is responsible and over time can actually save you money.

Proper tire use can help a vehicle’s fuel economy, saving money there. It will also help prevent accidents and delays and cut down on lost time.

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