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How to Choose the Best Service Truck Body for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Service Truck Body for Your Needs
September 7, 2018 TheHoth
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If you’re a contractor or construction worker, you know having a great truck body is essential for your business. But did you know the kind of truck bed you pick can greatly impact your productivity and overall business goals?

And if you’ve already started to look for a new service truck body, you’ve probably realized how hard it is to find the right kind with all the options available today.

Curious how to choose the best service truck body for your needs? In this article, we’re sharing tips, tricks, and best practices for buying the best service truck body for your business.

Types of Best Service Trucks Bodies

Having the right service truck body is essential for conducting your business. But the truck body you need is greatly dependent upon the industry you work in. Here are some of the most common truck bodies you should know before you buy:

Flat Bed Body

This truck body is one of the most basic options, usually consisting of just a chassis, and some ropes and sheets to hold down the cargo you’re hauling. These bodies are an easy and affordable add-on to a standard truck, and they’re great if you have plans to build a custom body.

Van Body

If you need a more versatile truck body option, your best bet is the van body. This body is suitable for a variety of industries, from landscaping to furniture hauling, and perform well in any type of weather. What’s better is that these van bodies are cheap and easy to buy or rent and can be quickly customized to meet your needs.

Contractor Body

Another versatile truck body option is a contractor body, which is an extremely popular option and used across a variety of industries. What makes this option so popular is its spacious bed for larger items and compartments across the side and back of the truck that let you store tools and storage.

Contractor bodies also usually have a lock option, so you can rest easy knowing your expensive items are safe and secure.

While these are threat great place to start, these aren’t the only truck bodies available. Here are the most basic truck bodies:

  • Landscape bodies
  • Dump bodies
  • Hauler bodies
  • Platform bodies
  • Anti-rattle stake body

Each body option is available in its own shape and size, so there’s a lot of great options you can choose from.

How to Choose the Best Truck Body for Your Business

Knowing the types of truck bodies is important, but knowing that alone isn’t enough to pick the right option. Here are some of the major things you should consider when choosing a body option for your business.

Consider Your Equipment Needs

When looking at body options, consider the equipment and tools you’ll need to transport on a daily basis. Some truck bodies are better suited to hold and transport tools than others, and if you have a lot of materials, you’ll need extra storage to hold your toolbox and safety gear. Most importantly, you’ll want your truck to provide the security needed to move big items without fear of damage.

Look for Access & Storage Space

Another important consideration when picking your body is overall ease of access and storage space. If you need to frequently load and secure items, you’ll want an option that lets you easily access your materials. And if you have a lot of equipment and supplies you need to haul, you’ll want to pick an option with a ton of storage space.

Here are some other major considerations you should think about when selecting your service body:

When reviewing truck body options, ask about these things so you can guarantee you’re only buying the best option.

Final Thoughts on Truck Bodies

Buying a service truck body for your business can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency. But that’s only if you buy the right truck body option! By reviewing the info in this article, you can easily find the right body option for your business.

Are you in need of a truck body for your business? Not sure where to start searching? Check out our truck customization page!