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Truck Body Types: An Overview

Truck Body Types: An Overview
May 26, 2018 TheHoth
truck body types

If you own your own business, chances are you don’t have time to run the logistics and do all the work too.

This is why you rely on having good team members and good tools to help make sure the work gets done.

Having a good truck can also ensure that your projects make it from point A to point B. Also, every industry has their necessary truck body types. To learn more about each one, read on:

Flat Bed Body

A flatbed is a truck body that only has a chassis. These can be used to haul different kinds of materials. They usually consist of different ropes and sheets to help hold down the cargo you are hauling.

These bodies are also good for add-ons. If you want to build your own custom body, flatbeds are a good place to start.

Van Body

A van body can be used for different industries. From landscaping to furniture, these bodies will haul it all. These are useful when you want to keep whatever you are moving away from intense sun, rain, or snow.

These bodies are also known to be very cost efficient to buy or rent. What’s great about these bodies is that you can customize them to fit your needs. But it will need some organizing to ensure the bed doesn’t get too cluttered.

Contractor Body

A contractor body is one of the most versatile truck body types. It is very popular and used for a wide range of industries. One of the most obvious differences between a contractor body and other types of bodies is the storage.

While it still offers a spacious bed for larger items, it also offers compartments all along the side and back of the truck. These are great places to keep tools and equipment out of the way during your work.

Many of these trucks offer storage spaces that will lock. This is important to keep your more expensive items secured.

Dump Bodies

This type of truck body is often used in industries such as landscaping or demolition. They are extremely sturdy, and capable of carrying materials that could be damaging to other truck bodies.

These materials may include large rocks or large amounts of sand. These bodies are for professionals who are often dumping materials onto the ground.

Temperature-controlled Body

These bodies are usually used for the food industry. The entire body acts as one big refrigerator. But they don’t only need to be used for food! If you have any materials that need to be regulated a certain temperature, this is the body for the job.

These can be a little pricey due to this constant regulation – the refrigeration inside of the van is sometimes maintained by another engine.


These are bodies that consist of a tank-like build. They can be used to transport liquids, gases, and bulk materials. Depending on the material you are hauling, you will have the option of your tank being pressurized or insulated.


These are any trucks with a crane attached to it. Sometimes a crane can be attached to a truck with a service body or without. It is also possible to have a customized body with a crane added onto it.

Not only can they be combined with another body, but the cranes themselves also come in all shapes and sizes. There are mobile cranes, tower cranes, and even cranes made for rough terrain. Depending on your industry there is usually a specific crane that’s right for you.

More on Truck Body Types

Choosing between different truck body types can be difficult. Especially if your type of work varies from week to week. Sometimes sticking to one can actually cause you to lose out more on productivity then you were hoping to gain.

One more option to look at is custom truck bodies. Because if the right one for you doesn’t exist it may be time for you to make your own! Learn more about custom bodies in our blog post here.