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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Truck Bodies

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Truck Bodies
September 2, 2017 TheHoth
custom truck bodies

Can you believe the number of trucks sold in 2016 equals over 90 vehicles per hour?

Buying a truck is an important and serious investment. This is true whether you are purchasing a personal vehicle or are buying a new fleet for your business.

Many times businesses require custom truck bodies in order to run a successful business. Truck technology is constantly changing, which is exciting and maybe a little stressful.

Replacing and upgrading business trucks can greatly improve your return on your investments. Unsure where to start? Read on for five of the most common questions regarding custom truck bodies.

1. What Is the Budget?

Before any serious shopping, you must be clear about the budget. You must also share this information with the potential dealer or shop doing the work for you.

Consult your business partners and discuss options with the professionals. They will have the knowledge to help you decide what features are best for your needs. They can also help explain what features will give you the best bang for your buck.

2. What Will the Vehicle’s Job Be?

In order to create a custom truck body that will be useful for your business, you need to clearly lay out what the truck will be responsible for.

Be sure to directly consult those who will be driving the truck. They will be the best source for this information. Knowing the primary job of the vehicle will help inform size, layout, and materials used.

By explaining your needs to the professionals, they can give you different options at different price points.

3. What Are the Possible Items You Will Carry?

While knowing the truck will be used to haul goods is helpful for designing a custom truck, knowing specific goods that will be hauled is even better.

For example, if you will be hauling televisions, you will need to ensure there is ample room for boxes and a way to pack them securely. This might include additional hooks for straps along the walls of the interior cabin.

Know how wide, long, and high your goods will be to ensure everything will fit in the new truck. Be mindful of weights of potential loads as well.

4. How will You Load and Unload Your Custom Truck Bodies?

This question will inform if and what type of lift gate you may need. If you will be loading and unloading at loading docks, you likely will not need a lift mechanism and can use your money elsewhere.

However, if you will be loading and unloading at street level, a lift mechanism can be a great addition. It will decrease the chances of goods being damaged and less taxing on the backs of the movers.

5. What Are the Driver’s Qualifications?

This question is sometimes overlooked. If your drivers do not have a CDL, you will need to avoid certain truck body options. For example, trucks over 26,000 pounds require a CDL.

Be mindful of this while choosing a custom body for your trucks.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are familiar with five common questions about custom truck bodies, it’s time to get to work!

Request a quote and we will start creating the perfect vehicle for your business!