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How to Build a Custom Sprinter Van For Commercial Use

How to Build a Custom Sprinter Van For Commercial Use
March 28, 2019 TheHoth
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There are over 84 countries that sell vans.

The current craze is “Vanlife” for nomads, resulting in abundant information for cushy build-outs.

But what about vans for commercial use?

Considerations for building a custom sprinter van for business is more involved. Rather than focusing on aesthetics, you have to think about safety and versatility.

Here’s a quick and simple overview of the process of building your commercial van.

1. Assess Your Needs

One size doesn’t fit all with commercial vans.

Make a list of essential features such as shelving, aluminum tool boxes, or partitions.

Differentiating between what you need and what you want can help you cut costs and keep your van efficient.

2. Think About Dimensions

Bigger isn’t always better.

Consider what size van you really need.  Do you need space for passengers or cargo?

What clearance do you need for the areas you’ll be driving to? What about payload and torque?

Check out this master list of sprinter van dimensions to get an idea of which size is best for your business.

Once you have these logistics covered, you can consider the exterior and interior aspects of your vehicle.

3. How Do You Want Your Custom Sprinter Van to Look?

Aside from usable features on your van, how can you get your vehicle to represent your business?

Your van is an advertisement on wheels, as 98% of drivers notice ads on trucks. Spend a little extra on decals, graphics, and wraps.

While considering the exterior of your van, think about if you need emergency or warning signals.  As a liable entity, safety should always be at the forefront.

That way, you can work on your van and it can work for you.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Interior Efficiency

Functionality is the guideline for building out the interior.

Go through every step of your business operations to prevent small details from slipping through the cracks. Then think about what tools you’ll use and where they’re going to go.

Do you need insulation?  What about wall liners, flooring, and rubber mats? Extra lighting?

How many contractor grade shelves do you need? What about drawers and cabinets?

If you need a ladder, where’s the rack going to go?

Regardless of what the list looks like, you need an organized interior with proper storage and tie-downs for when you’re in motion.  Doing this can improve time management by 38%.

If your needs change throughout operations, consider versatile and interchangeable components. We have an extensive list of vendors to work with for every part and piece you need.

Finally, Don’t Be Stubborn

You may be an expert in your trade, but you probably don’t know everything you need to about custom sprinter vans (and that’s okay).

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information so you don’t miss any key features.

Talk to a representative to answer questions and get a quote for your build.