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  • Commercial Van Market

    Commercial Van Market

    The commercial van market is rapidly changing with the new styles and van designs that are coming to market. The full size vans are now offering a range of roof heights, body lengths and various configurations to maximize storage space in the vans. The compact van market will also be…

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  • car wrap design

    Advertise Through Vehicle Branding

    Advertise Through Vehicle Branding   Here in the graphics department at PTC, we consider ourselves to be identity managers. It is important for your brand to be recognizable and send a nice clean image that resonates with your audience. If you consider the statistics compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association…

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  • Custom Vehicle graphics

    Improve your Branding with Custom Vehicle Graphics

    Improve your Branding with Custom Vehicle Graphics   Imagine that you’re walking down the street and all of the sudden a van drives by with a beautiful lady or handsome man smiling and waving to you so clearly that it looks like their oversize bodies are actually coming to life…

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  • Semi truck collision repair

    Semi Truck Collision Repair: What to Look For

    It goes without saying that collisions and accidents are a stressful time for any business. Often a business owner is worried about far more than the cost of the vehicle that was damaged. The emotional toll a collision can take on a company and its leadership leaves little room for…

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