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  • locksmith van adrian steel portland

    Adrian Steel Van Customization for Locksmiths

    Portland Locksmith Van Customization If you’re a locksmith, or own a business that does this kind of work, you are well aware of the importance of being organized. With so many keys and other details to keep track of, a poor organization system can lead to hefty delays, which causes…

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  • durabull portland

    Project Spotlight: DuraBull Bedliner

    Project Spotlight: DuraBull Recently a Portland customer came to Pacific Truck Colors wanting a great paint job along with something to protect his bed areas where rock and dirt do the most damage.  Our DuraBull bedliner would be put to the test.   Ready to Start DuraBull is a two-component,…

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  • is a vehicle wrap right for your business?

    Is a Vehicle Wrap Right for My Business?

    Should I Get a Vehicle Wrap? With the new year upon us, you may be considering your strategy for business and marketing in the months ahead. We’re sure you’ve thought about a vehicle wrap before, but pulling the trigger is another story. Maybe you don’t have the appetite to go…

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  • Vendor Spotlight: Draw-Tite

    History and Overview Draw-Tite is a valued partner of Pacific Truck Colors with 70 years of experience in the workplace. They are one of the best-known names in the industry around trailer hitches, and can handle all of your custom trailer hitch needs. All hitches are thoroughly tested to make…

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  • Happy New Year from PTC!

    After the usual year-end flurry that seems to happen every year no matter how hard we try to prepare, we find ourselves excited and ambitious to serve and expand our customer base in 2016. We’d be remiss though, if we went into the new year thinking it was all about…

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  • Employer Accident Liability: Are You Covered?

    One of the most terrifying situations a company can endure occurs when there’s a collision in a company vehicle. First and foremost, the obvious concern for safety can take over the entire office. Even if the collision was minor, the emotional journey through a situation like this is not an…

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  • 7 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

    Here at Pacific Truck Colors, we have always made a commitment to highly valuing our customers. Treating people right is imperative to being able to serve your market over the long haul. With some of the recent weather flurries we’ve experienced here in Portland, OR., we thought we should take…

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  • Vendor Spotlight: CURT

    When we think of towing, CURT is the first name that comes to mind. They have focused their business and mastered their craft. We are proud to call them trusted partners, and lean into them for all the following: Trailer Hitches Ball Mounts Trailer Balls Towing Security Towing Accessories Towing…

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  • Custom Paint Jobs – Our Top 5

    5 Custom Paint Jobs by Pacific Truck Colors Here at Pacific Truck Colors, we believe that there is more to life that what meets the eye. With that said, who doesn’t like a great custom paint job? A strong, creative, and memorable exterior is a fantastic way to reflect the…

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  • Adrian Steel Ladder Racks for Cargo Vans

    Ladder racks for your company’s cargo vans can offer tremendous value to your fleet’s efficiency. Earlier we highlighted the importance of staying organized, so now we are going to look a little further into some specific options for business owners and fleet managers who are looking for solutions for their…

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