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3 Types of Truck Cranes for Your Business

3 Types of Truck Cranes for Your Business
July 26, 2017 TheHoth
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In the service-related industries, truck cranes are more than nice-to-have commodities.

They’re essential add-ons that help companies meet their myriad lifting needs. And as the construction sector continues to exhibit steady growth, their use and popularity are only expected to increase.

Depending on your load requirements, there are a few different types of cranes that can do the trick. Today, we’re taking a look at three of them.

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1. Telescopic Truck Cranes: Electric-Powered

All telescopic cranes are outfitted with a boom that’s comprised of several tubes that fit inside each other.

What sets them apart from each other is the powering mechanism that causes the tubes to extend and contract.

Depending on how long or short you need the boom to reach, electric telescopic cranes are adjusted by an electrical system that controls the tubes’ overall length.

This option is ideal for workers who don’t anticipate needing to lift anything heavier than around 2,000 to 6,000 pounds — the cut-off for this type of machine.

It’s also a solid option if you aren’t required to lift constantly, as consistent strain can cause wear and tear, as it’s one of the most relatively inexpensive truck cranes available.

2. Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes

If your lifting needs are a bit more frequent, with loads that average between 6,000 and 14,000 pounds, you’ll need a different type of power to control the telescoping mechanism within the boom.

Hydraulic telescopic cranes fit the bill.

Some of the most common truck cranes on the market, they’re robust enough to handle most lifting and reaching requirements.

In fact, their sheave heights can reach from 80 feet to more than 200 feet, allowing superior reachability.

Controlled via a hydraulic power mechanism, these cranes can be easily mounted to your truck.

While 14,000 pounds is commonly recognized as the limit for telescopic cranes, it’s important to not consider your lift size, but your service body’s capabilities as well.

If you’re carrying large, heavy lifts, a hydraulic telescopic crane can be a great match — but only if your truck is large enough to accommodate it.

3. Articulating Cranes

Are you regularly required to move weights heavier than 14,000 pounds?

If so, an articulating crane can provide the support you need. Sometimes called Knucklebooms, these cranes get their unique moniker thanks to the boom’s articulation point in the middle.

Telescopic cranes compact as the series of tubes fits inside each other. Articulating mounts become shorter as the bending (or, articulating) point compacts inward.

Here, the crane can bend and fold (like a knuckle), allowing for easy storage and transport.

Designed to carry the heaviest loads, these cranes can hold more than 35,000 pounds, making them some of the most rugged on the market.

They can be powered by gas, battery, or diesel fuel. They’re typically lightweight with a high dexterity level, allowing for simpler operation.

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