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Why Should I Paint My Truck?

Why Should I Paint My Truck?
October 30, 2015 Kris Asleson

It might not seem like having a well-painted truck or vehicle fleet is that important. In a world of data-driven marketing, measuring ROI is becoming more and more important. However, despite changing trends and increasing business pressures, some strategies and principles remain timeless. We believe that a well-maintained, visually-inspiring company fleet is one of those crucial elements that transcends all the noise the marketing world tends to make.

No matter how many Facebook posts a company puts out, business will always be about creating value for people and treating them well while you help them solve their problems. Social media may be an extension of that, but businesses that fake authenticity won’t be profitable in the long run. Because of this, infusing integrity and cohesiveness in every stage of your business builds brand credibility and customer trust, which is a sustainable model for any business.

What exactly does all of this have to do with painting a vehicle? Let’s look at a short analogy. If you go on a first date, are you more likely to trust and invest someone that took the time to present their best to you? Would you want to go on a second date with someone who showed up dressed in old jeans and a ragged t-shirt? Maybe, but the odds are generally lower for most people. Why is this? Well, even if it’s silly, for some reason we associate respect and care directly with the effort another goes into in order to interact with us. We’ll look good for a first date, put on our best suit and tie for a job interview…But we don’t think showing up in a company vehicle that presents a unified, professional image is important?

Sure, looks aren’t everything. You still need to follow up with strong business values and deliver a memorable customer experience. But hopefully we can agree that like it or hate it, humans are very visual and creating a stunning first impression is a necessary step to introducing a potential client to the level of excellence your business has to offer. Not to mention the trust and excellence a nicely painted vehicles exudes any other time it’s on the road.

Hopefully this helps connect the dots from vehicle painting to overall brand integrity and trust. We know we’re biased, but we believe every serious business owner should consider how a great paint job can boost their business. If this is you, visit our vehicle painting page for more information, examples of work we’ve done, and to request a quote.