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Vendor Spotlight: Dakota Bodies

Vendor Spotlight: Dakota Bodies
March 14, 2017 Truck Colors Blog
Dakota Bodies

One of the things that allow us here at Pacific Truck Colors to stay above our competition (besides our professionalism and skilled technicians) is the quality of the parts and accessories we use. We only work with the best vendors to customize trucks and install equipment based on the specifications of our clients.  

One of our most valuable vendors and esteemed partner is Dakota Bodies, a manufacturer that produces top of the line utility and service truck bodies. Ever since their inception in 1997, they’ve built a company that leads and innovates the utility and service industry.

Here’s what you can learn about Dakota Bodies from their website:

Dakota Bodies has been building quality utility and service truck bodies in Watertown, South Dakota since 1997. Over those years, Dakota has grown into a 145.000 sq. Ft. facility with over 250 employees, making them one of Watertown’s top employers. The history of quality and innovation has led them to be one of the nation’s top choices in the utility and service industries. As a growing manufacturer, Dakota Bodies continues to invest in their future with new technologies and techniques to better service their customers and continue the climb on the industry ladder.”

Over the years, we’ve used several of their truck bodies and accessories knowing that we can always rely on the quality of their products to create custom vehicles that our clients would love and enjoy using.

Here are some of the products they offer:

  • Component Body

Dakota Bodies developed the Component Body to solve many of the industry’s issues regarding costs and efficiency. These products allow you to customize various parts of your body while keeping the costs to a minimum.

One of the main benefits of the Component Body is that due to its modular design individual parts can be repaired quickly and easily.

  • Service Bodies

With a service body from Dakota Bodies, you can keep all your important tools and equipment organized in one place. No more having to go back to the shop because you’ve forgotten a tool. Your shop will always be on the road with you.

  • Cutaway Bodies

Dakota Bodies made sure to develop a product that made everybody’s lives easier. The Cutaway Bodies include numerous features and add-on accessories that allow for customization in multiple applications.

  • Enclosed Bodies

Enjoy all the advantages of a service body with the added benefit of a secured area. That way, be it rain or shine, you can get your work done no matter what.

  • Flatbed Bodies

Dakota Bodies enables heavy-duty companies to transport bulk materials and large equipment safely and efficiently.

  • Accessories

Whether you’re looking for replacement parts or custom accessories, Dakota Bodies has got you covered!

More details about their products and dedication to quality design you can find on their website. We’ve worked with them on many of our projects and hope to see this partnership thrive in the future too.