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Van Equipment for HVAC Contractors

Van Equipment for HVAC Contractors
February 21, 2017 Truck Colors Blog
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How does the inside of your work van look? Can you find your tools quickly? Can you load and unload your equipment fast? And last but not least, does your vehicle look professional enough?

Having the right van equipment is essential when you are into the HVAC business world. Your van needs to provide the best comfort and utility possible. Otherwise, it can stand in the way of your profit and ease of work. If anything, the van equipment should be making things easier for you, and certainly not the other way around.

An excellent way to solve all of these issues is adding cargo vehicle equipment to your HVAC van. The right accessories can help you improve your efficiency, space usage, and comfort. All these while polishing your appearance and brand’s image. Think about it this way: when your van is well organized, everything just runs smoothly. And, when clients see that you are reliable and professional, they are more likely to do business with you – and refer you as well!

What Is the Right Van Equipment for Your HVAC Business?

The list of equipment you can use to update and improve your work van is very long. There are tons of features you can add based on your needs and the specific dimensions of your van.

Here is a short list of some of the best HVAC van equipment options out there:

1) Partition

A vehicle partition separates the front of the car from the rear. That way, you can store your gear securely in the back of the van and never have to look for missing tools under the seats again.

2) Ladder Racks

Ladders take up a lot of space, and it can surely be a challenge to carry them around. You want to make ladder storage as easy and space-efficient as possible. Due to its excellent ergonomic design, a ladder rack will take the strain out of loading and unloading your ladder. Be it on the interior of the van or even to the roof, your ladder can now stay safely secured.

3) Shelves

One of the best things about a shelving unit is that it will keep your tools organized and out of the way. How many hours have you lost looking for a tool? How many times did you arrive at a job only to realize that you don’t have the right tools (or you couldn’t find them in the chaos that is in the back of your van?)

Not only does storing your tools on designated shelving units allow for easy access, but it will also save you from severe headaches. Shelving allows you to categorize specific tool sections according to a strategic plan. For example, you can use the most accessible shelves for the tools you use most frequently.

4) Customize Your Van to Perfection

If you want your van to be tailored to your specific needs of storage and transportation, then you could opt for an upfit package. From partitions, shelves, storage bins or rail kits, there is nothing you can’t get from an upfitting solution.

If your HVAC vehicle is in desperate need of some organization, then it might be time to invest in these van equipment essentials. Every minute spent searching your van for the right tool is money lost.

Head over to Pacific Truck Colors to see how we can help you keep your cargo in order. We have a broad range of van equipment and accessories that can keep your vehicle organized, reduce inventory damage, and enhance your workflow. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your needs!