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Maximize Efficiency with These Utility Shelving Ideas

Maximize Efficiency with These Utility Shelving Ideas
April 30, 2020 TheHoth
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Maximize Efficiency with These Utility Shelving Ideas

A disorganized van interior is only getting in the way of your success, hindering your efficiency and safety. That’s why shelf awareness is so important.

Studies show that a more organized workspace leads to increased productivity, reduced stress and greater ability to meet deadlines. More orderly tools and equipment will also help you feel more comfortable, safe and confident as you work. Professional van customization and the addition of custom utility shelving can completely transform how you work and the services you provide to your customers.

This blog post will help take your mobile workstation to the next level with the simple and cost-effective addition of custom van shelving to your truck or van.


Introduction to Utility Shelving

Van shelving comes in a wide variety of options. First, you can choose between van-specific shelving, which is tailored to fit your specific vehicle make and model, or universal shelving, which is designed to fit most vehicles. Many shelving units are also adjustable for added flexibility. You can also choose the size of the shelving unit — for example, three-shelf units or four-shelf units — depending on how much you want to store. You also have a choice between open and closed shelving. Open shelving means your tools will be more visible and easy to access, though it is obviously less secure. There are also shelving accessories to consider, such as door kits to add security, shelf dividers, drawers and more. Another key consideration is the placement of the shelving, which can be mounted on the rear doors or interior panels.

Remember, van shelving can be completely customized. With custom van shelving, you can design the perfect workstation with a designated place for all the tools and equipment you need at your fingertips.


Our Favorite Utility Shelves

Our favorite utility shelves are manufactured by our trusted partner Adrian Steel. They specialize in heavy-duty, contractor-grade shelving and other storage solutions for a wide-range of cargo vans, walk-in vans and trucks. We are authorized full line distributors of Adrian Steel products and have earned Adrian Steel’s Gold Certification due to having a certified technician and certified salesperson on our team.


Benefits of Heavy Duty Shelving: Metal Shelving & Steel Shelving 

Some people opt for wood shelving in their van interior, but we are partial to metal and steel shelving for several key reasons. While wood may be a cheaper option, metal shelving is much more durable and longer-lasting than wood, and can even be more lightweight. Also, if you’re transporting any liquid products, metal shelving is much more spill-resistant and easy to clean. Finally, metal van shelving is considered more likely to hold up, secure your tools and keep you safe in the event of a collision.


Let’s Do This

Our van customization team at Pacific Truck Colors will help turn your commercial vans into masterpieces of efficiency. In addition to Adrian Steel shelving, we also carry other high-quality brands such as Sortimo by Knapheide and Weather Guard for your interior organization needs. Request a van customization quote today to begin your van transformation!