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Upcoming Vehicle Wrap Design Trends

Upcoming Vehicle Wrap Design Trends
March 26, 2016 Kris Asleson
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Vehicle Wrap Trends on the Upswing

Vehicle wraps add a distinctive touch to the body of any vehicle. Businesses around the world have realized the potential of wraps as one of the most potent marketing tools. As a fairly cost effective solution, vehicle wraps allow businesses to constantly promote their brand wherever the vehicle goes. From billion dollar companies to start-ups, vehicle warps are used anywhere you find people and transportation together. In an advertising world that gets more crowded and expensive by the day, a wrap is a solid way to carve our your identity to hundreds of potential customers every single day. If you want to electrify your brand or try to generate targeted leads, it would be worth looking into the upcoming vehicle wrap design trends. Here are a few that have caught our attention recently:

Embossed Wraps

You’ll know right away when you see an embossed design on a vehicle. While this idea has for long been used in digital graphics, it has made an impressive debut in vehicle wraps of late. The 3D-like look in these vehicle wraps immediately grabs your attention. Embossed wraps are ideal for logos or slogans as they seem to distinctly stand out while still seamlessly blending with the overall design. This is especially a good idea for companies that value top of mind recognition.

Fibrous Wraps

This type of vehicle wrap has received an overwhelming response from businesses as well as individuals wanting to get rid of the generic look of their vehicles. It is borrowed right from the racing tracks where this kind of wrap has gained popularity. Fibrous wraps are eye-catching, and when they are done with the right colors they help make a big, memorable statement on the road.

Matte Finish

Some would say glossy car wraps have been overused, and they have lost their x-factor. However, matte-finished wraps make an impression that is hard to miss. If you don’t have too many color shades to play with in your wrap design, a matte finish would look great on your vehicle. These also look great at night where glossy wraps often lose their sheen when they are near extreme bright sources of light.

Partial Wraps

While this may not sound a new trend, it has been constantly evolving over recent years and is considered to be one of the more contemporary design strategies. The logic behind partial wraps is simple – why wrap the entire vehicle when wrapping one part can grab all the attention? Whether it’s the side profile of the vehicle or the back, partial wraps offer you a wide range of options to explore.

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