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Our Top 5 Favorite Truck Accessories

Our Top 5 Favorite Truck Accessories
June 27, 2019 TheHoth
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You bought your pickup truck for carrying things. Sometimes those things are outside the truck; sometimes they’re inside the truck.

Although many pickup trucks are perfectly capable of doing almost anything we ask, certain truck accessories make us much more efficient at performing specific tasks.  Which ones are best to invest in for you depends on your business, below we discuss our top five truck accessories in general. See which ones you think would help you and your business the most!


#5 Truck Accessory – Running Board

Another ubiquitous truck accessory is the running board. It’s not that chivalry is dead–mankind has just figured out more effective ways of accomplishing the big step up into a truck. There really is nothing better for helping you and your passengers into your seats than a nice, wide running board.


#4 Truck Accessory – Tailgate Assist

A tailgate assist is one of those little perks of living in the modern era. Frankly, it should come built into more tailgates than it does. It’s an easy, inexpensive addition that will extend the life of your tailgate and improve the safety of its operation for everyone.


#3 Truck Accessory – Under Seat Storage

Maybe you have other things to store; maybe it’s still tools but you need every cubic inch of bed space for hauling. Or maybe you just need one more place to keep who-knows-what. A rugged little case underneath the seats in the extended cab may be just the thing.


#2 Truck Accessory – Toolbox

Perhaps the most commonplace truck accessory is the classic toolbox. It’s commonplace because it’s so gosh-darn handy. If you’re regularly using any kind of tools with your truck, a sleek, versatile toolbox is a must. This toolbox is especially nice if you don’t have as many tools to keep with you, and want access that’s absolutely as easy as can be.


#1 Truck Accessory – Trailer Hitch

If a toolbox isn’t the most common truck accessory around, then the trailer hitch is. Since pickups are used for heavy-duty work so much, they often have a pretty healthy number of horses living inside their engines. This makes them perfect for pulling–provided there’s something to attach the pulled object to.

From trailers to boats, a trailer hitch is another one of those easy, inexpensive–and unobtrusive–truck accessories to outfit your pickup with that will make it tenfold more capable. Depending on your work, it may not come up often–but when it does, the day will be a success and you will be a hero.


Truck Accessories

There are a million-and-one pickup truck accessories for the billion-and-one jobs we use our pickups for. Which one(s) are right for you depends on your work but there are a few mainstays, some of which will probably find their way onto your rig. Give a call to Pacific Truck Colors to find out which might be your best investment.