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White Double Loadsrite Ladder Rack (16′ – 32′, Sprinter Low Roof)

White Double Loadsrite Ladder Rack (16′ – 32′, Sprinter Low Roof)




  • Secure – Ladder clamps hold ladder tight during transportation.
  • Ladder protection – Fiberglass ladders are protected by a layer of plastic when loaded on the rack.
  • Safe – Two hand operation required to release ladder down into load and unload position.
  • Durable – 3rd cross support protects drive shaft, greatly reducing wear and tear.
  • Easy operation – Rollers and dampers create a smooth transition to the stowed and down positions.
  • Back saver – Designed to allow loading and unloading of ladders one end at a time.
  • Easy reach handle – Release handle slides down lower than competing racks for easier reach.
  • Ladder capacity – Accommodates 16ft -32ft extension ladders.

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