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Service Truck Bodies: What Are Your Options?

Service Truck Bodies: What Are Your Options?
October 6, 2017 TheHoth
service truck bodies

From custom, enclosed, and crane to dump, stake and platform, there are several types of truck bodies out there.

Whether you are in the plumbing, electric, or another technical industry, you may be required to to bring tools and equipment to job sites. If so, chances are you can’t just use any type of truck.

You’re going to need a service truck in order to do your job to the best of your ability.

With that said, not every service truck body is going to be the right match for you and your business.

Read on to learn more about the various features for service truck bodies, and what your options are. Plus, you’ll learn how these features increase productivity and optimize the workday.

Steel Construction

It’s wise for service truck bodies to be built out of steel. After all, you want adequate protection from outside forces.

Should rocks, tree limbs, and debris from the road hit your service truck, you want to make sure your tools and equipment aren’t damaged.

Also, steel makes it so that tools and equipment bouncing around won’t damage the truck, either.


You want your truck body to have a lot of external storage for your tools and equipment. We recommend that you choose a service truck that holds all of the tools and equipment you’d need for an extensive job.

That way, you know you have the proper storage for any job site. This gives you the option of scaling back the tools and equipment for smaller jobs. Plus, you can add more for larger ones.

Why External Storage?

When on a job site, you want to be able to access tools and equipment fast. By having external storage, you don’t have to take the time to climb into the truck bed.

This increases your productivity and streamlines your workday.


Your service truck should have storage compartments that make it easy for you to organize your tools and equipment while you’re at the job site.

The same goes for when you’re transitioning from one job site to another.


Let’s face it, no company or industry is exactly alike. A plumber won’t need the same type of tools and equipment as an electrician.

Which is why you need a customizable service truck that has features to meet your job needs. It also needs to work with the demands of your profession.

Custom Paint for Service Truck Bodies

One of these customizable features is a paint job for your service truck. When you drive your service truck to and from job sites, you’re advertising your services and company to prospective customers.

It also adds a professional touch, especially when you include the logo on the side of the truck.

Final Thoughts

No matter what technical industry you’re working in, you need a service truck with an adequate body to make your job easier and faster. Give us a call if you’d like recommendations about what works for your industry based on our decades of experience.