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Service Truck Accessories: Which Ones Do You Need?

Service Truck Accessories: Which Ones Do You Need?
February 2, 2018 TheHoth
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Nobody likes seeing company trucks or vans that are boring and basic. When it comes to the best service vehicles, you’ve got to have ones with all the desired service truck accessories.

There is always something to add to a service truck. Plus, your employees want to feel like the vehicle they are spending so much time working out of is personalized and homey. There are a few gadgets that will make every truck and employee feel special.

From increased productivity levels to lighter loads, tricking out your company vehicles can do wonders for your business. We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best accessories for your company fleet.

1. Warming Options

It’s important that in the winter, your accessories include heating options. Heaters for service trucks come in a variety of sizes. There are some that can pull heat from coolant that is already circulated in the car’s engine.

There are also electric-element heaters. Other options include systems that utilize diesel-fueled heaters. These can be put inside compartments to help keep hand tools warm and can be used in enclosed service bodies to help keep their working environment warm and toasty.

2. Engine-Powered Service Truck Accessories

Some of the best service truck accessories include auxiliary power units that reduce the need to run the engine of a truck. This not only reduces emissions, it can save fuel too.

There are also units that have their own generator, hydraulics, and air compressors. They have a great power supply and even come with built-in inverters that can offer very smooth power without big jumps in force and irregularity.

There are also Jotto Desks and RAM mounts that drivers will put in their cabs as the ultimate service truck accessories. This helps them do paperwork or look up tech manuals by using connections in the remote area to go online.

3. Moisture Packs

Moisture desiccant packs come in many sizes and are created to draw moisture from the air in toolboxes or various enclosed spaces that can cause rust because of condensation. This is saving tools around the globe. With this accessory, you won’t be replacing your tools as often.

You can replace it when it’s full of moisture. You can also get an option that can simply be recharged.

4. Home Comforts

Yes, those of us who work all day on the road and in our cars need some home-style service truck accessories. These are not limited to an in-car microwave oven.

Sometimes you want to reheat that meal your spouse made at home and eat it while working out of your car. That’s where in-cab microwave ovens come in. There are also mini-refrigerators and other kitchen style appliances to make you miss home just a little less.

Go Big

When it comes to having a set of vehicles that not only service your company but the people driving them, consider these accessories. Happy employees make for a happy company, ready to offer optimal service.

Don’t be afraid to trick out your trucks and make them more serviceable and comfortable. When you’re ready to customize your fleet or get a new paint job, request a free quote today.