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Designing & Installing Professional Security Vehicle Graphics

Designing & Installing Professional Security Vehicle Graphics
January 30, 2020 TheHoth
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Designing & Installing Professional Security Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are an absolutely essential component of most security vehicle fleets. Individual security vehicles must be clearly and uniformly marked so that they are easily-identifiable and stand out from the crowd. Vehicle graphics can make your employees appear more professional, authoritative and trustworthy. But what makes an effective security vehicle graphic?


Security Vehicle Graphics

First of all, you can choose between more simple door logos and a full vehicle wrap. Whatever you decide, when designing security vehicle graphics, the most important thing to remember is that simplicity is key. The graphic should clearly and legibly state the purpose of your vehicle and avoid any unnecessary, overwhelming details. In terms of the writing, bold, large, simple fonts that can be seen from a distance are best. The graphics should also be attention-grabbing, making bright colors such as red, yellow or orange popular choices. You may also want to consider adding reflective graphics to your vehicle for greater nighttime visibility. Reflective graphics go great lengths in helping your security vehicles stand out, day or night.

The placement of your vehicle graphics are important to consider as well, and will impact the layout and design. For security vehicles, it’s generally a good idea to make sure that your vehicle is clearly marked and identifiable from all sides.

If you want to reach new customers while working or on the road, be sure to include your contact information (telephone number or website) somewhere in the graphic as well.


Getting a Professional Design

In order to get the best possible vehicle graphic design for your security business, we recommend that you work with a professional vehicle wrap company. A professional company will use only high-performance media, specifically designed for use on vehicles, and trusted installation techniques to ensure long-lasting, impactful results. Working with a professional will also provide a much quicker turnaround, so your vehicles are not out of commission for any longer than absolutely necessary.


Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps present great benefits for your security business. By establishing a clear, professional and authoritative presence, marked security vehicles can help deter potential crime and create an atmosphere of greater security. This improves your own safety and that of your clients while you work. As mentioned above, your employees will appear more professional and trustworthy. Being clearly identifiable will also encourage your employees to be representative of your business and make fewer mistakes while on the job.

Furthermore, your vehicle wraps present a great opportunity to advertise and market your business, and reach new clients and customers while you are working or on the road. It is estimated that individual vehicle advertising can generate between 30,000-70,000 daily impressions!


Custom Security Vehicle Graphics for Your Business

To get started, contact our Vehicle Graphics Department at Pacific Truck Colors for a free quote. Our vehicle graphic specialists will walk you through the design and installation process and your many options.