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Designing a Plumbing Van for Your Plumbing Business

Designing a Plumbing Van for Your Plumbing Business
July 5, 2019 TheHoth
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Not all work vehicles are created equal. In fact, they’re often a one size fits all sort of deal. So when you need a plumbing van, an ordinary “work van” is often the solution. That’s where Pacific Truck Colors comes in. Completely customize your work van to fit your needs. No more fitting into a space that wasn’t built for you or your company. Design the custom work van perfect for your business!


What Do You Need for Your Custom Plumbing Van?

Each business is unique, which makes each business’ needs unique. The first step in designing your plumbing van is identifying what would be necessary and what may just be convenient in your work vehicle. Have a ladder and need a place to store it? Shelves for your tools? Maybe some drawers to store your things?  Consider having a partition installed like these from these from Adrian Steel. A partition can come in handy in an emergency to separate you from the rest of your equipment. Finally, to keep all those valuables safe, look into locking drawers. Once you know what you need you’re well on your way to your custom plumbing van.


Planning Your Space

Plumbers have a substantial amount of tools so organizing and maximizing the space is definitely a priority.  The space in a van isn’t limitless and you never know what you’ll need to bring along for a job. Having a design that allows for everything you need and room to walk in will make your day so much easier. Consider things that you may have to take to or from a job that may not be in your day to day inventory. If you take a ladder with you, a ladder rack on the top of your vehicle is a must. It will save you a lot of space that you can dedicate to other things. Making the best of your space can make your daily tasks that much easier.


Brand Your Van

Once you have the inside of your van properly setup for you needs, consider what the outside should look like. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exterior customization. If you have a strong or recognizable logo, like McDonald’s,  you can put that on your van for instant recognition. If your logo doesn’t seem like the way to go, do custom company colors. With Pacific Truck Company you can go with a paint job or have your vehicle wrapped, depending on the direction you decide to go with. No matter what you decide, customizing the exterior will set your van and business apart from the crowd.


The Perfect Plumbing Van For Your Business

Whether you need a few extra shelves, or a completely redesigned interior, whether adding a logo or going with a full custom paint job Pacific Truck Colors can help make your custom plumbing van vision come to life. Simply make a plan or just give us a call and we’ll do the rest! They’ll have you on the streets, working in a custom plumbing van, in no time.