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Ladder Racks 101: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best One for Your Truck

Ladder Racks 101: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best One for Your Truck
March 20, 2017 Truck Colors Blog
Ladder Racks

You might think your truck can do it all on its own, but some things are best done with a little help. Take heavy materials transportation as an example: it takes a lot of space, it disrupts the driving experience, and it can even be dangerous.

When it comes to trusting your truck for whatever job you need to complete, nothing tops the support that ladder racks can bring. Not only do ladder racks come in handy but they are also very durable and extremely generous in the cargo hauling help they provide.

To make to most of this essential truck accessory, you need to find the right one for your needs. This quick read will help you figure that out!

Why Ladder Racks?

The most obvious plus to getting a ladder rack is that it will make the transportation of large and heavy materials simpler and more efficient.

Not only do racks double your truck’s cargo capacity, but it also keeps everything secure. No one likes hitting the road hoping that the large pipes they’ve tied to the back of their trucks won’t get loose and start flying around, putting everybody’s lives in danger. With a ladder rack, you can be confident that everything is kept from shifting during motion.

A Great Addition to Your Truck Customization Project

There is a reason ladder racks are one of the most requested vehicle customization project here at Pacific Truck Colors. First of all, they allow for an approximate range of 500 to 1200 pounds of cargo. They are also especially convenient for heavy duty uses such as the transportation of pipes that are typically trickier to haul safely.

Stop driving through traffic with pipes sticking out too far from the bed of the vehicle. With your truck customized with a ladder rack, you will be able to finally transport cargo that is much longer than your truck is.

Ladder racks can be built from steel or lightweight material, such as aluminum. Regardless of what you choose, both options are sturdy enough to carry heavy duty equipment safely and efficiently.

Choosing the Best Ladder Racks for Your Truck

Your cargo needs play a crucial role when choosing the right ladder racks for your truck. A lightweight ladder rack of 500 pounds will be more than enough for lighter duty use, such as pipes or ladders. But if you need to carry heavy materials, you should opt for a higher-rated ladder rack that can withstand up to 1200 pounds.

Ladder racks are a great addition to your truck’s versatility, productivity and most importantly, safety.

If you need help choosing and installing the best ladder racks for your vehicle type and cargo needs, or if you’re just looking for some professional advice or services, we’re here for you. Get in touch with us, and together we can enhance your cargo-hauling versatility and improve your productivity.