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Know Your Rights for Truck Collision Repair

Know Your Rights for Truck Collision Repair
January 5, 2018 TheHoth
truck collision repair

Maintaining your trucking fleet is the ultimate key to long term success for the business. If there are no hangups or holdups during the process, if trucks are always in top-notch condition, then things operate more productively.

Only a couple of years ago, the trucking industry hit $726.4 billion in revenue. Trucking is a massive industry with a lot of potential for companies who drive solid, reliable trucks.

You should understand your rights when undergoing truck collision repair to keep your business and assets secure.

Below, we’ll go over some of the basics to get you started:

Choosing Where Repairs Are Made

When repairs are needed (and they definitely will be over time), don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t choose the truck collision repair shop.

The story of demanding insurance companies suggesting repair shops to their customers isn’t uncommon. These companies have to have some knowledge of the area and the available repair shops.

However, insurance companies who “steer” customers to one preferred shop, saying it’s necessary, are performing an illegal act. You should understand that it’s your right to choose where repairs are made.

Sometimes, you’ll hear that one place is more attractive than another because it offers a quicker authorization to start repairs. Other times, you might hear stories about “networks” and partial payments for certain repair shops.

Don’t believe it! When choosing a body shop, the decision is up to you.

Choosing the Equipment

When parts break, you probably want the new ones to be just like the old ones, or the Original Equipment (OE) parts. Not all insurance policies have this option, so you’ll want to check before you sign, if you can.

You’ll still have the right to request OE parts, but whether or not your trucking insurance company covers them depends.

The OE parts are made to fit your vehicle’s specific manufacturing, making them safer than most other choices. Some policies might cover all OE parts, others might cover OE parts until a certain age of the truck.

It’s also common for the insurance to cover parts that are of similar quality and likeness, though they aren’t the OE parts. Check with your insurance company ahead of time and know that you can still request original parts.

It just might cost you a little more.

Approve Truck Collision Repair Ahead of Time

Sure, once the mechanic has had a look at your truck, they might discover some additional or unforeseen complications to work out.

You have the right to approve or deny work on your vehicle before it happens. Truck collision repair shops that do the work and then stack it on your bill, expecting you to pay everything, are in the wrong.

If your mechanic finds any additional work on your truck, they should call you and ask for your permission to fix it first.

Know Your Rights

Keep your truck in top condition by recognizing a scam or a trick when you see one. Even if it comes from your insurance company.

Another great way of keeping up with the times is to stop by the Pacific Truck Colors blog on occasion for professional tips and news of the industry!

Stay educated and keep up truck repairs for a long and healthy business!