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Is a Hooklift Truck the Right Choice?

Is a Hooklift Truck the Right Choice?
December 29, 2017 TheHoth
hooklift truck

You might need a heavy-duty vehicle for your business. But with so many to choose from, where do you start?

Start by looking at a hooklift truck. A hooklift truck is built with a hydraulic system to lift objects.

This system causes the hydraulics to hook, lift, and roll the container onto the truck chassis.

These trucks allow haulers to change the types of roll-off containers. This is why they’re commonly used in industries such as waste, recycling, construction, forestry, mining, scrap, and demolition.

Is a hooklift the right choice for you? Continue reading and find out more about the hooklift system.

Hooklift Benefits

Hooklift trucks offer money-saving benefits.

One truck can haul multiple containers, and even trailers. You don’t have to keep adding costs to increase your fleet size or choose several fleet options. Hooklifts offer a lot of variety and strength for many types of containers.

Loading and unloading are easy. This can be done at ground-level.

Since the truck is powered by hydraulics, the hoist system is brought down to the ground. Haulers can load the containers easily before they’re brought back up for transport. The same strategy is used for unloading.

Positioning is also beneficial when unloading. The hoist moves down at an angle, bringing all materials down to the farthest end of the hoist. This allows easier unloading since haulers don’t have to move far on the hoist.

This position also works for fragile objects that can be positioned at specific points to prevent damage.

Hooklift Disadvantages

While ground-level loading and unloading is easier, it can also be a disadvantage. This depends on the ground the haulers are working on. Certain weather conditions such as ice and flooding can make this process dangerous.

Any uneven terrain can also make the hoist lay unevenly, causing inadequate loading. This includes unloading on a steep surface such as a hill. Unloading at maximum angles can become a safety hazard for haulers.

Is a Hooklift Truck Right for You?

First off, a hooklift isn’t cheap. A decent vehicle goes between $25,000 and $60,000. While that is a lot of money down, you’ll be saving money in the long-run due to a hooklift’s versatility.

Several industries can use hooklift trucks. The industries who need hooklift support are ones who need heavy materials hauled in bulk.

Any industry that prefers loading and unloading from the ground and wants only one vehicle can benefit from a hooklift.

Time to Buy a Hooklift

There are many benefits to using a hooklift. A hooklift can carry objects of different sizes, materials, and weights.

They operate so well, you don’t have to use multiple vehicles to get the job done. The hydraulic system makes the hoist lower at an angle, making it convenient and safe for loading and unloading.

Just be careful about where you’re doing your loading and unloading. Overall, if you’re in an industry that requires a lot of hauling, consider getting a hooklift.

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