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Crane Safety: 5 Tips for Working with Crane Truck Bodies

Crane Safety: 5 Tips for Working with Crane Truck Bodies
August 31, 2018 TheHoth
crane safety

Even though working with a crane can be profitable, it also poses several dangers. As such, you should apply different measures to enhance crane safety. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with accidents, injuries, death, and lawsuits.

Some of the top causes of workplace injuries include stress, fatigue, and slips. Others may fall or have objects falling on them. Also, there are those who get injuries from pulled muscles when lifting.

With cranes, injuries can be much worse than in typical workplaces. Keep reading to learn more about crane safety tips.

Important Tips for Crane Safety

It is crucial to have safeguards in place for workers who deal with machinery. Crane accidents happen due to mechanical failures, rigging issues, or collisions. It can also be from electrocutions, cargo drops, or the crane collapsing.

Because of this, you need to be very careful. Here are five tips for working with crane truck bodies:

1. No Overloading

First, make sure there is no overloading. It can cause wire failures, which can lead to serious problems. These problems include dropped loads and crane buckling or collapsing.

Consult your load chart and make sure you are loading the recommended weight. Lift loads slowly to prevent tipping over or wires snapping. Keep confirming the safety of the load as you lift.

No one should be near or under a load while the crane is lifting it. Keep your crane level and sturdy. Take note of the wind strength as well before you start lifting things.

2. Inspections and Maintenance

Without proper inspection and maintenance, your crane can be dangerous. You should check the slew bearings and spot any defects or faults. Check the sheaves, rigging, and other components as well.

Replace any old or damaged crane parts. Lubricate the moving components to prevent equipment deterioration, and lways make sure the machine is fully turned off after use.

3. Look Out for Electrical Lines and Other Obstructions

When you drive to an area, ensure there are no obstructions near the crane. Avoid power lines, trees, buildings, or things that are jutting out. Maintain a safe distance around you and above you before using your crane

4. Improper Crane Assembly

Make sure your crane is installed correctly, as poor installation can damage the whole crane. Worse, it can cause malfunctions that would threaten the lives of its users.

Because of this, you should only hire qualified and trained people. They’ll know how much load the crane can carry. They’ll also know other safety tips they can apply.

Check manufacturer instructions to have the right crane assembly. Remember to prepare the operation site well. For example, you can use stabilizers if the ground keeps shifting.

5. Stay Focused

Last, anyone operating cranes should wear protective gear. This can include wearing work overalls and avoiding loose clothing. Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone.

Ensure your load is visible at all times. Lastly, clear the area before starting to use the crane.

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As you can see, you must use crane safety techniques at all times. Failure to do so can lead to property damage, severe injuries, or death. Don’t overload, keep a safe distance, and inspect the crane before using it.

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