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Comparing the Different Types of Truck Ladder Racks

Comparing the Different Types of Truck Ladder Racks
August 24, 2018 TheHoth
truck ladder racks

The average truck buyer spends around $2,000 on accessories to make their truck fit into their work life and busy lifestyle.

When you’re a working person, that kind of money isn’t chump change.

Truck ladder racks can be one of the most useful accessories when customizing your truck. Read below to make sure you understand the different types of truck ladder racks before making a purchase.

Over-Cab Truck Ladder Racks

Over-cab truck ladder racks transform your pickup truck into a double-decker vehicle with endless opportunities. These racks help maximize your available space and make it easy to store equipment. Over-cab truck racks allow you to haul over 1,200 pounds, making them the perfect solution for the serious hauler.

These are available to fit most full-size, mid-size or compact pickups and are installed in under an hour.

Over-Bed Truck Ladder Racks

Over-bed truck ladder racks are the answer if you regularly carry large loads. These pickup ladder racks haul up to 1,000 pounds and come with adjustable posts and tie-downs to protect your equipment.

Most over-bed truck racks mount in a matter of minutes without drilling, which also allows the rack to be easily removed.

Side-Mount Truck Ladder Racks

If you haul full-size ladders, the side-mount truck ladder rack is your solution. These racks don’t take up any room in your bed, leaving you plenty of space for other equipment. Side-mount racks can handle up to 500 pounds for even your biggest ladder.

Side-mount racks feature adjustable posts and tie-downs and are supported by both your truck’s side rails and truck bed.

Van and Shell Ladder Racks

Just because you don’t own a truck doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of ladder racks. Van and shell ladder racks provide all the storage associated with a truck rack.

The van and shell ladder racks allow you to haul up to 1,000 pounds on top of your vehicle. This leaves plenty of cargo space for your equipment inside the vehicle. These ladder racks come with adjustable feet that expand to the width of your vehicle and tie-downs for security purposes.

How to Choose the Best Truck Ladder Racks

Once you know which style is the best truck ladder rack for you, there are still a few more choices to consider.

  • The size and type of ladder you will haul
  • The material, such as aluminum or steel
  • Installation for a permanent or temporary solution
  • Cost you’re willing to pay
  • Safety ratings of a potential purchase
  • Where to purchase your truck ladder rack

The best truck ladder racks work with truck tool boxes, truck bed covers, bed liners, and other truck bed accessories. If you’re driving one of the 2.8 million trucks bought in 2017, it’s time to consider your own ladder rack.

Truck ladder racks are perfect for small business owners, contractors, landscapers, and all entrepreneurs to help move your equipment from site to site. If you need help choosing which truck ladder rack would work best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.