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Adrian Steel Ladder Racks for Cargo Vans

Adrian Steel Ladder Racks for Cargo Vans
November 22, 2015 Kris Asleson

Ladder racks for your company’s cargo vans can offer tremendous value to your fleet’s efficiency. Earlier we highlighted the importance of staying organized, so now we are going to look a little further into some specific options for business owners and fleet managers who are looking for solutions for their cargo vans.

Here at Pacific Truck Colors, we have long been a fan of Adrian Steel equipment. It is durable and innovative, and most importantly, always gets the job done. This post is going to examine three options for Adrian Steel Ladder Racks specifically designed for your fleet of cargo vans.

1. Interior Ladder Racks

This first option is a great way to endure harsh climates without filling up the inside of your van. If you operate in a high-risk area, this also deters thieves looking to make a quick buck. A peek at the Adrian Steel website offers more:

Out of the way, never out of reach! The Interior Ladder Rack doesn’t take up, limit, or reduce vertical standing room in your van, and it allows quick and easy access to your ladder from outside of your vehicle. Eliminate the outside wear and tear on your ladder. Protect your ladder from the elements, theft, and road grime. This ladder rack is perfect for 4ft and 6ft step ladders and works best in medium and high roof vans. The Interior Ladder Rack also features plastic coated clamps to protect the ladder rungs during transit.

2. EZ Load Ladder Racks

If your fleet runs a lot of jobs on a per day basis, you might want to consider the EZ Load Ladder Racks. These are built for repetitive loading and unloading, minimizing employee complaints and physical injury and/or muscle strain. Keeping your staff team fresh to work quickly and excellently will inspire higher morale and increase profits. Here’s more from Adrian Steel:

Consistently loading and unloading your ladder from the roof of your Ford Transit can be a pain – literally. All of that reaching and lifting can cause a lot of back and neck strain. Fortunately, the EZ Load Ladder Rack makes it easier and more comfortable to load and unload your ladder from your low roof cargo van. This ladder rack lowers the ladder six inches and is designed for people of average height. It’s also adjustable with a half inch socket to allow you to accommodate any size ladder.

3. LoadsRite Ladder Rack

This option is a field leader when it comes to ladder racks. Built for both safety and efficiency, the LoadsRite Ladder Rack is tough to beat:

The LoadsRite ladder rack is arguably the most ergonomically designed ladder rack on the market. The easy-to-reach handle requires you to use both hands to lower the rack and ladder to ensure proper, safe loading and unloading. Constructed of aluminum to maximize payload, the LoadsRite drop-down ladder rack features plastisol clamps and plastic pads to protect the ladders from fatigue during transportation.

For more varieties, and general information on Adrian Steel Ladder Racks, visit their page by clicking here. If you are ready to get one of these stellar racks installed, visit our request a quote page and we will get back to you ASAP to explore options.