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Professional Vehicle Wrap Design Tips

Professional Vehicle Wrap Design Tips
November 26, 2021 TheHoth
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The forecast for global advertising spending for 2021 is expected to reach $657 billion dollars. Within the world of advertising, vehicle advertising remains one of the most underused and underrated advertising avenues. It costs less per impression than many other major forms of advertising, such as billboards, television, and radio. By following the right vehicle wrap design tips, your business can benefit immediately! 

Vehicle graphics benefit your business by creating awareness at all times, whether you’re on the move, stuck in traffic, or parked at a job site. They last a long time and are extremely cost-effective. They also make your business look modern, creative, and professional.

Moreover, they help you attract a larger audience without overwhelming them with ads. You’ll have full design control because you own the canvas, which is the vehicle body. As a bonus, the wraps will protect your fleet’s bodies from scratches.

With all these benefits, there’s no reason to delay wrapping your fleet. Keep reading to get some key tips on vehicle wrap design.

Getting Started with Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

With all the benefits above in mind, it’s no surprise that the vehicle wrap industry has evolved from a simple alternative to paint into a multibillion-dollar advertising industry. 

Compared to paint, vinyl wraps are much easier and more cost-effective to customize, offering endless opportunities for creative branding and advertising. Wraps can also be installed quickly and removed or updated easily – plus, they are easy to maintain. 

Vehicle wraps also come in so many different colors, textures, and finishes, from matte to metallic and everything in between. And new options are released with each passing year as the technology advances. 

Before deciding to install a vehicle wrap, however, you do need to consider the current condition of your vehicle and the paint. Your paint needs to be in good condition in order to get a high-end result with a vinyl wrap. If you have peeling paint or major surface imperfections, you probably want to get those taken care of before installing a car wrap. 


Best Vehicle Wrap Material

When it comes to vehicle wrap materials, vinyl is definitely the gold standard all across the industry. It’s durable, flexible, professional-looking, and versatile. 

There are many different types of vinyl wraps to choose from though, including calendared vinyl, cast vinyl, protective vinyl, and colored vinyl. Calendared vinyl is cost-effective, 3-6mm thick, and lasts 1-7 years on average depending on use. Because it’s thicker than other types of vinyl, it works best on flat parts of the vehicle and is often used to add accents. Cast vinyl is more expensive but works better than calendered vinyl for full car wraps and is more durable. If you are only wrapping your car for protective purposes and not aesthetic reasons, you can opt for a clear sheet of protective vinyl instead. For those focused on aesthetics, colored vinyl is very popular; it comes in a wide variety of styles, and it’s flexible and easy to apply. 

There are also many different brands of vinyl to pick from. Some leading vinyl brands are 3M, VViViD, and EZAutoWrap, just to name a few. 

vehicle wrap material


Vehicle Wrap Design Tips

Car wraps are one of the top vehicle marketing ideas available. The others include using magnetic signs, rear-end ads, or side-body QR codes. You need to know how to get the best vehicle wrap design for your fleet.

Here are five tips on how to design an effective, engaging car wrap:

1. Measure the Vehicle

First, measure the vehicle to get an idea of the size of your canvas. Don’t make the mistake of printing the vehicle wrap before measuring the vehicle. If you do, you’ll find the message cutting off at the wrong place. Worse, it could show an embarrassing message, for example, when someone opens the car doors.

2. Focus on the Brand

Make sure you focus on your brand when doing the design. The colors, logos, and message must be consistent with the message on your website and other marketing materials. This ensures you build your brand authority and promote your business in the local area.

Inconsistencies may confuse customers. It may make them think they’ve gone to the wrong site. A good vehicle wrap should increase your brand recognition and set you apart from your competitors. 

3. Choose a Short and Legible Message or Text

Keep your texts short and legible since the vehicle canvas may not be very large. Choose the right font, which people can read with one look. Avoid cursive or other artistic fonts that can be hard for some people to read. 

Put your full message and contact information on each side of the car to maximize impressions. Passersby might only have a short window of opportunity to read your advertising, so choose the most important contact information and don’t give them too many options. Maybe just a phone number or a website. And remember, only the vinyl wrap should go around the car, not the message! 

Also, ensure the colors you use don’t clash or mask the message or text on the body. Make sure the colors contrast yet complement each other. 

4. Research the Competition and Get a Bold Design

Research your competition in your area to see their van wrapping designs. Then, go back and come up with unique and attention-grabbing designs. Sometimes, a little humor or creative visuals can help attract attention, but be careful not to distract from your main brand message and contact information. 

Avoid flashy designs, such as tribal flames and crazy images, which don’t serve any purpose, other than distraction. Instead, go for bold colors that match your brand and make your logo larger and visible. 

5. Use a Simple Design

When in doubt, it’s usually best to keep your design as simple as possible. Avoid the noise and clutter since it will distract people from your message. Too many photos may also work against you because people may look at the images rather than read your message.
Vehicle Wrap Design trucks

Partial Vehicle Wrap vs. Full Vehicle Wrap

As the name implies, a full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle, whereas a partial vehicle wrap only covers a portion of the vehicle. 

A full wrap typically includes the hood, rear, sides, and bumper. Depending on local laws, a full vinyl wrap can also include some windows. For smaller vehicles, a full wrap will usually include the roof too – though this may not be necessary for taller vehicles and trucks. 

Partial vehicle wraps usually range from 25-75% vehicle coverage. They are strategically placed and only cover specific, central parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, sides, or rear. For even less vehicle coverage, small decals can be used. 

So which of the two options is best for you? Full wraps are obviously more expensive, but you’ll get more bang for your buck. Full wraps provide lots of space to get creative and make an impact, so they tend to be more eye-catching. Another benefit of full wraps is that they cover up the color of your vehicle to make it more in line with your branding. You won’t need to worry about a paint job and your entire vehicle will look polished and professional. 

On the other hand, if you’re going to be changing your vehicle advertising frequently, partial wraps or decals might be a better choice for you. They work especially well for advertising specific events or limited-time promotions. Small decals work well if you’re just trying to brand your vehicle with a few logos. 

If you go with a partial wrap or decals, it’s a good idea to think about the base color of the vehicle and incorporate it into the design and branding, if at all possible. High-quality partial wraps will be designed so that the transition from vehicle to wrap is smooth and seamless. 

Partial Vehicle Wrap vs. Full Vehicle Wrap


Learn More About Customizing Trucks and Vans

As you can see, investing in a high-quality vehicle wrap can really help boost your business. Just remember to keep the design simple and focus on promoting your message. The idea is to attract people with the vehicle design and send them to your website as quickly as possible. Once they get there, you can provide more information, market, and sell your services and solutions.

At Pacific Truck Colors, we have a Vehicle Graphics Department that specializes in custom vehicle graphics. Whether you’re looking for a full vinyl wrap or a simple door decal, we can handle every step of the process for you, from design to installation. We use high-performance media designed for use on vehicles and proven installation techniques so that you can get the best return on your investment. 

Contact us to learn more about customizing trucks and vans!