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5 Things to Look for in Truck Lift Gates

5 Things to Look for in Truck Lift Gates
October 20, 2017 TheHoth
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Having a lift gate for your truck is something everyone carrying heavy cargo needs.

Lift gates allow you to load and unload products with ease. They provide the best care for yourself and the quality of the cargo.

This helps to make the whole shipment process much smoother.

However, this only works when you know the right lift gate to choose. Otherwise, you may end up with a gate too high off the ground or not strong enough for your cargo.

To prevent serious loading headaches, always look for these five things when choosing your lift gate.

1. Height

The most important features in relation to height are laden and unladen.

Laden considers the lowest point a bed height can reach due to a full load. When carrying maximum capacity, the rear suspensions depress. This cuts a few inches off the total height.

Unladen, on the other hand, is the height measurement for a bed with no cargo. In this condition, the whole vehicle sits at the farthest point off the ground possible.

Always take both the laden and unladen points into consideration when choosing between lift gates. This will ensure ease of load and unload, no matter how much you are carrying.

2. Cargo Load

Speaking of what you plan to carry, consider the weight of the cargo.

Loads classify in light, medium, or heavy-duty. Each class has its own platform size and weight specifications.

To choose the best match for your products, account for other tools like the weight of the pallet and the pallet jack. Don’t forget to consider the driver, as well!

3. Platform Style

Once you’re in the ballpark of the power you need, choose between aluminum or steel for the platform style.

Aluminum platforms tend to last longer against corrosion and lift heavier. They can even increase capacity and lower your fuel costs. This all comes with a bigger price tag than steel — but with good reason.

Steel can save you some money and still provide the basics. Keep in mind it will be more vulnerable to corrosion. This means you will find yourself buying a second round of lift gates sooner than aluminum.

Still, it’s a good option to start getting your cargo on the road.

4. Energy Supply

A lift gate operates on either the truck’s batteries or a separate battery supply.

To understand what you need, take all your loading cycles into account.

Do you only make a few stops a day? Or, are your drivers going from place to place around town with short windows of loading and unloading time?

For a more casual operation, truck batteries can do the trick without concern.

But, if you already have an established list of clients you frequent in a day, it may be better to opt for a separate battery. This goes underneath the truck and provides power to only the gate.

5. Vehicle Compatibility

Always double-check your lift gate of choice matches your vehicle.

The kind of truck you drive can determine the right width and floor measurements.

This is crucial since lift gates are also made for vans and trailers. Vans tend to be less wide than trucks. Trailers will likely need a hitch on the gate.

Order Your Lift Gates

Apply your market knowledge to find the perfect lift gate for your fleet.

Investing in a lift gate may seem like a big decision, but once you focus on the basics, the rest becomes easy.

Find the best match for your cargo and funds with us. Contact us today to explore your options.