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5 Design Elements of An Excellent Vehicle Graphic

5 Design Elements of An Excellent Vehicle Graphic
August 10, 2017 TheHoth
vehicle graphic

Vehicles are roaming billboards waiting to happen. And a truck or a van is the optimal platform for large scale graphics.

But what design elements does an excellent vehicle graphic have?

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to take you through five elements that are sure to make your graphics pop.

1. A Vehicle Graphic Should Elicit Emotion

The image is almost never about logic. Take a Cheetos graphic, for example. Why are we looking at a “cool cheetah” grabbing onto the edge of a truck while his bag of Cheetos is spilling out behind him?

There’s really no logic behind the image, but there’s plenty of emotion.

Notice there’s flow from one end to the other. And how the cheetah is just utterly nonchalant as he holds onto the truck and watches the Cheetos fly away.

The colors are bright and fun, and cool cat is just enjoying the ride, inspiring the same emotion from everyone that sees the graphic.

2. Should Be Readable

Most of the time people are only going to have a split second to look at your vehicle graphic. They need to gather all information in that split second.

If your graphic includes tiny words you’re either not communicating or you’re causing traffic accidents. If there are too many words, you’re getting only part of the message across.

Vehicle graphics should be large and in charge of the viewer’s attention.

3. Should Be a Simple Graphic

If there’s too much going on in the graphic people will forget what they saw as soon as they walk away. Don’t be tempted to create a beautifully intricate graphic. Save that for art class.

An advertising graphic needs to be simple and clear. Simple and clear equals memorable.

Our brains can only think about one thing at a time. Make them try to think about too many things at once and it will selectively forget what it took in.

4. Should Include Compelling Color

We can identify certain messages by color. If you don’t believe it, look at the traffic light. What does red mean? What does green mean? We all know what yellow means…and it isn’t slow down!

The power of color is undeniable. And picking colors correctly will compel viewers to action.

Be careful what colors you choose. Classic colors will never go out of style. Unless you’re sending your vehicle back to the 80’s and 90’s, avoid neons.

5. Should Include an Eye-Catching Slogan

If you can make someone chuckle with a clever pun (we said clever!), you can succeed at making an impact.

Make a graphic memorable by posting a relevant and visible slogan. While some companies like Cheetos can get away with pure image and name, most smaller businesses aren’t well known enough.

If you can make a splash with your slogan or tagline, then you’ll have people looking you up later. The more you make an impression, the more likely you will gain leads.

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