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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hooklift

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hooklift
February 16, 2018 TheHoth

If you work in business and construction or waste and recycling, a hooklift can help increase your efficiency and cut down on business costs. It’s a great investment whether you operate a single truck or a fleet of them.

But there are some things you should consider before buying a hooklift, such as the type of containers you transport and how often you transport them.

What Is a Hooklift?

A hooklift is a device that’s mounted to trucks to help them transport materials like waste, recycling, scrap, forestry, and demolition. These devices consist of a series of hydraulic ranks that allow haulers to change the types of roll-off containers, and hook, lift, and carry them.

They allow haulers to load and unload materials at a ground-level. They can carry materials of different sizes and weights, and cut back on the number of vehicles you need to get a given job done. They’re also great for hauling fragile objects.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Hooklift

Considering a hooklift, but need to know more about them? Here are 4 things you should consider before buying.

Do You Work in an Area With Noise Regulations?

Some cities and suburbs enforce strict noise regulations. If you operate a hooklift in one of these areas, you need to get one with reduced engine RMPS. Your hooklift should be able to accommodate these requirements with short cycle times and less friction.

Do you Have the Budget for a Hooklift?

Hooklift trucks are a financial investment, and their cost can differ greatly by the type of hooklift you buy. A hooklift truck can cost you between $25,000 and $60,000, so you should determine in advance if that’s a price you can afford. The good thing is that a hooklift will ultimately save you money by cutting back on the vehicles and manpower you need to complete your jobs.

How Important is Fuel Consumption to You?

Fuel consumption isn’t only bad for the environment, it can be bad for your business budget. Before you buy a hooklift, you should consider the energy-efficiency of the lift and what your payload per trip would be. By looking at these things as well as the weight of the frame and the regenerative systems, you can cut back on fuel, emissions, and costs.

What Features Do You Need & How Much Do You Know About Operating a Lift?

Hooklifts are available with different types of control systems, so before you buy you should consider what features you may need to get the most out of your lift. Do you only need in-cab and outside controls or do you want programmable logic controls? Consider these things before you buy a state-of-the-art option you don’t need or settle for a basic option that won’t get the job done.

If you’re not familiar with operating a hooklift, you should look at options that ensure greater safety. Many options will come with automatic latches, safety interlocks, and smart functions that will reduce your risk of accidents or injuries.

Final Thoughts on Lifts

Hooklifts are a great way to increase productivity and cut back on business costs. By considering these key things, you can buy one that will suit your business needs.

Thinking about investing in a hooklift? Request a quote to see what options meet your budget!